For foreign international students


Events for foreign international students are held at any time.You can check events planned on such topics as lectures on the points to break through in interviews, employment information for international students and exclusive company lectures, etc.


Notice of cancellation and postponement of “Mynavi 2021 Event”   Click here for details

Events for foreign international students

All events have ended.


You can talk directly with employees from various companies!

Many companies from various industries are participating. You could have a conversation starting with your interests and compare things you have heard about other companies.
It is recommended to ask the person in charge or your seniors about things of interest to you.

You can learn “practical know-how” from self-promotion to company research

The lectures are full of clues on “what you should do now” and “what to do later” regarding job hunting know-how, how to succeed in the selection process, and self-promotion are provided.

How to make a reservation and an entry

STEP : 1Confirm the venues you want to visit

By clicking on the schedule of the venue, you can check detailed information on the events.

STEP : 2Make a reservation through confirmation
on the event home-page!

On the event page, you will find details on practical training and useful lecture contents, benefits (special gifts), etc. Please note that these differ depending on the venue

STEP : 3Down load the Mynavi 2021 official
application before participating in events.

STEP : 4Get a “MyQR code”!

You should register by presenting your “MyQR code” at venues you enter, company booths and company lectures.